New Work Alert + NYC Designers You Need To Know

she and reverie shot by jessica weiser

She and Reverie bralette

IMG_4156 revised

Kaufman Franco dress // Le Mos necklace

IMG_4056 revised

Gulsha Chereli top // She And Reverie bralette // Astridland pants // Le Mos necklace // Gypsy Nation vintage hat // Nona E. Rose belt (it’s called the “Andi” belt!!)

IMG_4336 revised

Gulsha Chereli vest and shorts // E.Kammeyer necklace


IMG_4266 retouched

Gulsha Chereli vest // Z-dress by Anastasia Klekkas dress // Naked Label bracelet // stylist’s own boots

photography // Jessica Weiser

styling/art direction // Liz Teich

hair/makeup // Kacie Corbelle

model // Kate Potter

What to wear after an apocalypse in NYC?

Maybe I’m watching too much Walking Dead and post apocalyptic tales, but I can’t help to think about what people are wearing as they’re fighting off zombies and/or starting new civilizations in the aftermath of the downfall of society.

I’ve noticed that there’s always a lack of color and they always look like they’re ready to kick some butt or sit down for brunch at a casual downtown bistro. I guess that all came to me when I scouted out the run down Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn for my shoot with the talented photographer, Jessica Weiser.

There’s something so beautiful in the ruins of Gowanus made it the perfect backdrop for working with all local NYC designers, who use this great city as their inspiration and most of which I found through the wonderful local resource, The Fashion Center BID (Thanks Ryan!).

By the way, if you don’t know about The Fashion Center, it’s a great resource to call when you’re looking for anything in fashion in NYC like sample sales!

What would you wear in a post-apocalyptic world?

2 thoughts on “New Work Alert + NYC Designers You Need To Know”

  1. These photos are fantastic and the style of each, amazing. I love those black and white pants and that black and white dress too. But the thing about me is that I’m a very modest person so I would probably just wear a comfortable plain shirt with jeans and maybe boots or sneakers.

    1. I’m with you Nusrat…I’m a jeans and a tee girl myself but wouldn’t it be fun if the post-apocalyptic world looked like this? 😉

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