How To Tuck A Shirt (And Make It Look Effortlessly Good)

How To Tuck A Shirt (And Make It Look Effortlessly Good)

November 7, 2013


There’s something that can look so chic about a casually tucked in shirt. You’ve seen it on those ladies that have that certain je ne sais quoi about them, but every time you try it, you look like you’re uncomfortable, too polished, or even worse, like you did in middle school.

Tucking can also be extremely flattering, creating a waist and ultimately making you look slimmer.

STYLIST TIP: I use a chopstick when I’m on set on photoshoots to get a neat tuck without sticking my hands down someone’s pants.  Here’s how’s you can achieve both a neat and messy tuck. Chopstick optional.


STEP 1: Give yourself a good tuck. Don’t be afraid to stick your shirt in your underwear for extra hold and smoothness. Leave the back out if you want to go for a less polished look.


Step 2: Raise your arms up in the air. Wave them like you just don’t care (sorry, couldn’t resist).


When you put your arms down, it may look like this.


Step 3: Grab the bottom of your shirt and smooth it out by creating a “shelf” without pulling more of it out of your tuck.


Lastly, revel in your tucking skills. Stay tuned for more stylist tips and how to’s.


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