Now that you learned the tricks to the effortless tucked top look, you’re ready to master the art of the messy tuck.

Whether you’re wearing a sweater or an oversized vintage tee, you can style it like you didn’t try (but you did). Even Man Repeller is talking about looking “natural” or effortless lately, so you know that it’s cool to look like you’re not even trying (even though you did).

Trust me, it’s really easy…


STEP 1: Grab the bottom in a small section of your shirt and then tuck in the area you intend to work with, whether it’s the middle, left or right side.


STEP 2: Pull out the area around your tuck.


STEP 3: Fold over and play with the area around the tuck. If the back is way too long like in a old men’s vintage tee, feel free to tie a knot in the back to make it more fitted. Also, you’re welcome to add a belt to this situation. Then enjoy how everyone checks out your effortless style.


3.1 Phillip Lim x Target top // J.Crew jeans // Nashelle necklace (c/o) // Silver Continent bracelet (c/o) // etc… bracelets // Tom Binn earrings // Sophie Hughes ring