I think you’ll find this Instaweek pretty exciting because I FINALLY get to post some of what I’m working on before it comes out in a few months!

I worked on a couple of beauty editorials for a popular European magazine this week (no, I didn’t get to jet set to Europe…unless you count me greeting everyone with double kisses). Because it’s about the latest hair and makeup trends for this fall, the editor gave me the go-ahead to reveal some of the wardrobe we shot and of course, brag about the cool designers I worked with.

Me, on set, in action, along with photographer, Florian Innerklofer.

Doesn’t this Beth Lauren piece complete my styling look? You may think it looks better on the model, but I beg to differ.

Think I’ll start a back jewelry trend? I hope so. This Juliet & Company necklace totally compliments this S.I.C. dress.

I think I couldn’t get enough of everything by Eleven Objects and Made Her Think on this shoot.

This E.Kammeyer pin was so perfect for this gorgeous Dabya dress.

I was totally blown away with everything from the entire collection by Olivier Green (you may know him from Project Runway), especially his celestial printed fabrics. I paired it with a top by BCBG and earrings from Beth Lauren for a heavenly look.

This E.Kammeyer hair comb was pretty bad-ass for our edgier shoot.

This Olivier Green top and FSMNYC necklace were too amazing together and a great look to end the shoot. I can’t wait to share all of the other looks (and great beauty that was created) when it does come out in a few months.

This was only half of the schlepping from this week. The glamorous life of a stylist continues…

xo Liz