Do you have any tips on how to keep a necklace from turning around and keep the clasp in the back?

-Samantha, Long Island, NY

Dear Samantha,

I feel your pain. We always have those close friends or good Samaritans that will let you know that your necklace flipped around, but it seems more often than not that the clasp of your necklace creeps around to the front to say “hi.” I recently discovered that the brand Chloe & Isabel puts a charm at the end of the links in the closure, which I’ve found actually keeps the necklace in place because of the weight of it hanging down your neck.

dear_andi_chloe_isabel2 dear_andi_chloe_isabel3 dear_andi_chloe_isabel4  dear_andi_house_of_harlow


You can do one of the following to your necklaces to prevent the ol’ clasp creeper:

1) Add a similar chain extender with a charm to your necklace.

2) Clasp a small bracelet or broken necklace chain to the back of your necklace so it hangs down your back (works better when your hair is down).

3) Rely on your friends or others to tell you when your necklace is flipped around.

4) Shop for similar necklaces from Chloe + Isabel.

5) Enter the giveaway below from this local Brooklyn Chloe + Isabel merchandiser and win the necklace seen here that is less likely to flip around.

(Option #5 sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?)


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