H&M (UK) trench / Zara tee and belt / AllSaints Spitalfields jeans / Plenty by Tracy Reese shoes / vintage Guy Laroche bag (c/o my mother-in-law!) / bracelet (from Impressions in Charlottesville, VA) / BarIII necklace / ring c/o Vanessa Mooney / etc… coin ring / other jewelry, vintage. 

My professor in college always engrained in our heads the acronym, “K.I.S.S.”—otherwise known as “Keep It Simple Stupid.” Less is more. While this applied to my studies for once upon a time when I was an art director, it can be applied to style as well.

There’s something to be said about the woman dressed in black always looking chic and that’s probably why it’s the shade that I naturally gravitate towards when I pick out my own wardrobe.

All you need to dress up a simple tee and jeans is a funky necklace, a tough ring, and/or a cool bracelet like this one that I just picked up when I had the chance to explore Charlottesville, Virginia, after my shoot there last week. A few statement accessories can polish up any simple outfit. 

I always thought that it should be “Keep It Simple Smartypants.”

xo Liz