When it comes to fashion, women have most of the fun, though there are some items in menswear that even women are enviable of.

Socks is one of them. When us ladies wear a wild or fancy pair, it’s usually for ourselves and for no one to see. We get the short end of the stick.. Men, on the other hand, can show them off. Whether it’s rolled jeans, a peek when sitting or even a glimpse when walking, men have the opportunity to get bold and colorful on their ankles, more than any other item.

When Wits + Beaux contacted me with their bold and colorful socks, I was thrilled to see them in person, but kind of bummed that I couldn’t actually wear them. I decided that the hubby—who’s usually behind the scenes—could be in front of the camera for once.

You can purchase the socks in a 3-pack (and do less laundry), so we chose our 3 favorites, which we happened to agree on. We then styled them out with our favorite shoes and pants, which wasn’t too difficult, because these socks steal the show!



socks: c/o Wits + Beaux | pants: Hugo Boss, John Varvatos, Kent Jeans | shoes: Paul Smith, Jack Purcell, Paul Smith | laces: Epaulet

co-styled by Joshua Boccheciamp | photos by yours truly


How would you pair them? You can win your own three-pack of Wits + Beaux socks by entering below (the more entries, the better chance of winning!):

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