“Andi” circa 1980’s

As you can see by the stylish photo of my mother in the 80’s, the style apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Being we were feeling the recession of the 1980’s, my mother resorted to make most of our clothes.

She would take an old men’s t-shirt and sew elastic into the lower half of it to create a dress (as pictured). She’d then pull the dress over cardboard and paint it in various designs like this fun beach scene. I often had matching dresses like these, along with the matching perm (thanks mom) and still tend to dress creatively like this today—minus the perm.

How does your mother influence your style? Send your favorite style pic of your mom to dearandistyle@gmail.com with a sentence on how she inspires the way you dress, and I will feature the winner on Dear Andi!

xo Liz

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