Blazer: Theory (similar) / Top: Lush / Pants: Theyskins Theory (similar) / Necklaces:  Vanessa Mooney (similar), Jewelry by Beth Lauren, vintage / Rings: Sonya Renee, vintage / Bracelet: etc…

Photo: Ehren Joseph

Makeup: Maria Scali

Styling: Me.

I find that my hardest jobs to work on are when I’m working for myself. It’s always a challenge to remove yourself from a project when it’s about you.

When I had my portrait taken for some upcoming projects by the talented photographer, Ehren Joseph, I figured I would keep it classic and simple in my go-to look of lots of black—but of course showing my love for accessories.

Go figure, when I styled myself, I was so focused on my “modeling” in front of the camera that I found Ehren actually handing me a lint roller at times!

How would you style yourself?