Produced by: Lydia Santangelo

Photographs by: Bob Packert

Wardrobe Stylist: Liz Teich of Anchor Artists

Shot at: Blantyre, Lenox

Hot air balloon provided by: Worthington Ballooning & Berkshire Balloon Excursions

Hair Stylist: Michelle Lee, Salon Eva Michelle

Makeup Artist: Susan Donoghue, Ennis Inc.

Assistant Stylist: Olivia Linville of Anchor Artists

Assistant Producer: Mary Elizabeth Loncich of TESstylist

Photographer’s First Assistant: Buck Squibb

Wardrobe Interns: Constance Smith, Shenai Williams, Kayla Buchs, all of Anchor Artists

Production Intern: Julia Fachetti of TESstylist

Assistant Hair Stylist: Jennifer Ng of Salon Eva Michelle

Models: Carolan Fleer of Click Models, Michelle McHugh of Dynasty Models

I’m so excited to announce that probably my most favorite editorial I ever had the opportunity to work on was finally released online (out on stands this week).

Nevermind the fashion for a second, but can we talk about that hot air balloon—which I got to fly in and then was relieved to be on the ground after the operator announced to “bend our knees and brace for impact”?

Can we also talk about the gorgeous estate that we shot in, where my butler (!!) delivered us Fed Ex slips on a silver platter?

How I had a beautiful cottage just to myself, my assistant and about 6 racks of clothing for a couple of days?

I also have to mention that estate kindly provided all of our meals in the VIP wine cellar. The production assistant and I joked how we should break into singing “Day-O” from the famous scene in “Beetle Juice,” as we all sat around the large dining table among candelabras and giant crystal goblets filled with water.

It’s jobs like these that make me so grateful to have unique experiences while I’m working.

Now back to why you’re here. The fashion! This one for Improper was also one of the largest editorials I’ve styled with about 20 different looks and over 40 different designers/showrooms/shops that I worked with. The fall fashion issue is always the biggest issue of any magazine, so I was prepared with more wardrobe and accessories than you can imagine—and many more looks styled as well. Can you tell we had fun with the mid-century trend that was all over the runways for fall? From the nipped waists, full skirts, and menswear inspired fabrics, I don’t know about you, but this makes me ready for fall!

See what else ended up making the cut here.