Photography: Ehren Joseph
Styling & Art Direction : Liz Teich
Makeup: Maria Scali
Hair: Charlie Taylor
Model: Marcella Sbraletta
Production: Mindy Dulberg
Designer/Owner: Diane Belgrod

I’m so excited that recent work is finally published, as it seems like it’s taking a year for everything else to. I’m especially excited about this shoot I did for K.Belo‘s summer 2012 swimwear collection, which will soon be out in boutiques around NYC and major swim retailers like Great Shapes.

I already placed an order for the two-tone bandeau suit, which can be worn multiple ways, as well as the suit from the last shot. I will have lots of fun mixing and matching them this summer and pretending that I have about 8 new swimsuits as a result.

No, you will not see me in these on Dear Andi. I think our Brazilian bombshell did a fine job modeling them.

xo Liz