For a few minutes, the NYC ice and slush was a distant memory at the Wildfox Couture show at Pier 59 last night. It was hard to believe that one of the first shows for fall at New York Fashion Week was actually for fall—but this is exactly what you would expect fall to look like in Los Angeles, especially from the young bohemian street-wear style that is this label.

Creative director, Kimberly Gordon, took the brand’s LA roots and added a dreamy-Jane Austin-meets-downtown-grunge touch to this collection, complete with their signature statement tees, sweaters and sweatshirts. While slouchy silhouettes, chunky boots and floppy beanies were prevalent, there was a saccharin quality to everything down to the babies breath in the hair and flowers galore. This collection will sure to be a hit with the younger crowd, as well as the ladies that will want bold statements like “I need a drink” on them.



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