Shhh. My New Styling Secret.

Shhh. My New Styling Secret.

March 26, 2013


I came home the other day from a long day of shooting to these fun goodies in my mailbox sent from Tide to try out.

Man, did I wish they came a day earlier because one of the talent in the video I styled wore a white jacket and it was a challenge to keep it looking clean for the couple of days she had to wear it!

Still, I couldn’t wait to test these products out on both my shoots and my own wardrobe. I’m already a Tide detergent user and always carry a Tide-To-Go pen in my styling kit, so I had to see what could be even better.


As you can see, my wardrobe is usually pretty dark during the cooler months (no, this is NOT separated), so I was psyched to hear that the Tide Pods brightened AND kept darks from fading in the wash.

Not to mention, for my busy schedule, I loved tossing one (the little swirl on the top left) in without the mess of pouring and measuring detergent into the wash. I also couldn’t stop smelling my shirt after!


The klutz that I am, I’m constantly getting stains on my clothing. My new shirt (see above) got a food stain on the first wear so I tried out one of the new Tide To Go Stain Erasers before testing it on set on a shoot.

The problem I used to have with the To Go pens was that they tended to dry up after a few uses and a friend mentioned she even put a hole through a shirt from pressing too hard.


This stain removal was a SNAP with the Tide To Go Eraser. Literally.

All you do is snap the cardboard and the stain remover is released onto the pad attached. The stain was gone without much elbow grease. It also worked for me when a model got self-tanner on the wardrobe on my shoot the other day.

STYLIST TIP: When applying a stain remover, make sure to pat instead of rub, otherwise the stain can go deeper into the fibers of the fabric. Also apply cold water after using stain remover, that way the stain remover will not leave residue. Remember, cold water is best for stains because hot water will set the stain into the clothing.

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