Do you ever fall in love with something when you’re shopping online and say, “Oh man, I should wait until this goes on sale to get it” and then by the time it goes on sale, you’ve completely forgotten about it?

The new site, Rack It Up is literally going to fix this problem and change the way you shop.

As you probably know by now, I’m always looking for the best deals for my closet, my clients and even my readers, so when Ali and Bri of Rack It Up told me about their brilliant site, I had to sign up and start “racking.”

Now they featured me and my closet below as a “trendsetter” of the moment. Check it out…


Try it out for yourself…


It’s that easy.

You can follow the items I’ve hand picked and racked here or rack up your own closet and get alerts when those pieces get marked down.

Happy racking!

STYLIST TIPS: There are things you can also do to get additional discounts when shopping online. Here are a few…

  • Clear Your Cache Sites you shop on may track your visits through cookies. When you go to your browser preferences and clear your history or cache, then it will think you’re shopping there for the first time. Some sites often give discount codes for first time customers! For more information about the tips and tricks of online shopping, Salesforce Ecommerce provides you with everything you need to know!
  • Don’t Hesitate To Add To A Shopping Cart Sites want to entice you to complete that purchase, so they may e-mail you an discount offer to come back and complete your purchase.
  • Take The Surveys Check your receipt when you make an in-store purchase. Often stores ask you to take a quick online survey and will give you a discount on your next purchase online.