Happy New Year! 2013 is officially over and while it’s had its ups and downs, it’s been a pretty good year.

A tea leaf reader in NOLA told me that I will have a great seven year cycle with no complaints, as well as much prosperity.

A yogi from India stopped me on the street to say that I have a “lucky face” and that while 2011-2012 were uneventful, great things will be coming my way.

Whether you can believe in someone predicting the future or not, 2013 has had some stellar moments—including coming to the realization that everyone was getting bangs, so I finally grew mine out.

More importantly, this year I bought my first home, I both styled behind the scenes and was on air for morning shows for the first time, I even made it onto both the Huffington Post and New York Times with my outfits, including the one above.

Speaking of which, below are 12 more of my best looks this past year. Which one was your favorite?













I’m looking forward to seeing what 2014 brings, which leads me to making resolutions for the year.

Yes, I’d like to use my Nutribullet more and become a juicer, I’d like to do more yoga, I’d like to travel more, worry less…but as far as Dear Andi goes, I’m resolving to take it in a new direction.

Beyond the typical fashion blogger, which has become an overly saturated platform of “selfies” and faux street style posts, I want to make Dear Andi your go-to resource for styling your life. Don’t get me wrong, I still go on Bloglovin’ often and check out my favorite fashion bloggers like Brooklyn Blonde, Eat Sleep Wear, Really Risa, and Saucy Glossie for style inspiration and will continue to share some of my own outfits too.

At the same time, you can click onto Dear Andi for:

-style advice and how to’s

-beauty tips

-home decor ideas

-giveaways and exclusive deals

-behind the scenes look into the fashion world

What are your favorite personal style resolutions for 2014 and what would you like to see more of on DearAndi.com?