Wear This Now: Pantone Color of 2014 Radiant Orchid

You may have been skeptical when Pantone, the company that sets the standard for color in both the design and fashion industry, announced during New York Fashion Week that the official color of spring 2014 would be “Dazzling Blue” a.k.a. “Facebook Blue.”


I may be kicking myself for this statement, but I honestly don’t see Facebook Blue (unless in a bright version) popping up as much as the colors of seasons past like Emerald and Tangerine have had quite an impact on what we saw in stores. Not to mention, that exotic brights mixed with dreamy pastels seemed to dominate the runways for the season.


Last week, Pantone made their annual announcement of THE color we should all be looking out for all of the year 2014…drum-roll please…”Radiant Orchid.” I have to admit, I was kind of disappointed at first when I heard about this purple-magenta ultra-feminine hue, but the more I saw it in unexpected ways, the more it felt fresh and vibrant. There’s something modern about this bright tone when mixed with other tropical shades, or even popping off neutral ones like gray.


Try easing it into your wardrobe now by mixing your winter darks with a pop of orchid in your nails, or your heels, or even your jewelry and it will be a great way to ring in the new year!