Why You Will Be Dressing Like A 90's Teen This Spring

Why You Will Be Dressing Like A 90's Teen This Spring

May 15, 2014


I recently took inventory of the new items in my closet and was surprised to see that everything in my spring wardrobe looks as though I am reverting back to my childhood.




What’s next?

Pacifier necklaces, swooshy track suits and Hypercolor tees. Just kidding, those better not make a comeback. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, trust me these were all VERY cool back in the day).

I’m already seeing scrunchies, daisy print dresses, and other not so fashionable items returning to the trendy stores. *cringe* Instead Adidas Shell Tops and baseball caps actually look quite chic this time around when worn with minimal and modern pieces.

What do you think of these trends returning and what would you want to see back in style? Leave your comments below!


dear_andi_sporty_sneakers3 dear_andi_sporty_sneakers4


Rag & Bone blazer // James Perse tee (TJMaxx) // Laundry hooded jacket // Sam & Soni pants // Adidas sneakers // Zara hat // Alexander Wang bag (c/o) // Nashelle necklace (c/o) // etc… gold bracelet // E.Kammeyer wrap bracelet

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