5 Styling Tricks You Need In Your Life

photo of me styling on set for WHBM // produced by Spring Studios


Happy 2018 everyone! As promised, I’m kicking off the new year with fun content for you, including VIDEOS (finally, right?). Go subscribe to my new YouTube channel to get more videos like this from me — I promise no spam and only things you’ll want to watch!

As a fashion stylist, I actually have a giant suitcase full of styling tools, aka my “kit,” that I bring on every photo shoot. I use these items for tricks to make garments look better in pictures to avoid wardrobe malfunctions and the need to Photoshop. I’m constantly picking up new tricks, but the ones I’ve mentioned in this video are actually items I’ve been using for years, so I guarantee they’re worth investing in.

It’s become second nature to me after about a decade of working as a wardrobe stylist, but I realized that some of these items may be handy for everyone to use at home or on the go. I use them in my own wardrobe and even on friends. I’m quite popular at weddings when there tends to be need for a wedding wardrobe stylist on hand!

linked the items on the bottom of the video so you can order them (thank goodness for Amazon Prime, am I right?) whether you are an aspiring stylist or just want to live stylishly.

Please “like” the video if you enjoy it and let me know if there are any other topics you’d like to see me cover whether it be about styling OR motherhood OR both! I can’t wait to see what you guys think! Thanks for watching.

Anyone have a funny wardrobe malfunction story where you could have used these items? Let me know in the comments below or send me a message and I’ll be sharing on Instastories soon!

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  1. Great tips! I have Topstick and FLint already. And heard about WineOut on NYE! Bought!! Thanks for sharing this. Look forward to more videos from the BK Stylist.

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