Dear Andi:
Has Dear Andi taken on the task of electronic carry-all bags? I’ve seen the Michael Kors at Apple and wondering if you’ve come across some other brands? Looking for something stylish that safely carries my Macbook Air and the rest of my essentials.
– Sara, hot yoga instructor, CA


I’m always up for a challenge—and finding something that’s stylish AND functional is always a challenge. Yet, it’s not impossible.

The days of those rugged-ized laptop bags that were intended for tech geeks and engineers are no more. Even if you are one of those, it doesn’t mean you have to look like it. There are so many great electronic carryall totes out there now that are disguised as stylish handbags, but are still quite utilitarian. Most importantly, there are many alternatives to the designer ones that won’t break the bank!

These totes by Knomo and Rafe New York are great options that are perfect for your warm weather lifestyle and can carry more than just your electronics. Plus, they’re so affordable that you won’t feel guilty when you over stuff them—which I tend to do myself. If you’re willing to splurge a little, this classic one from Coach is worth it, as it will last for years to come.

If you just plan on carrying your laptop, cell phone and a few other small items, then a lighter laptop bag like this one from Marc by Marc Jacobs may be a great option for you or a stylish backpack like this graphic one by Tumi can be perfect for the active girl on the go.

I’m also a big fan of turning an every day bag like this great leather tote by Rebecca Minkoff into a custom one by getting a cute protective case for your laptop like this cool studded one for only $35 from ASOS—that way you get more for your money instead of purchasing just an electronic carryall.

As a hot yoga teacher, don’t forget to protect your cell phone/iPod while you’re playing tunes in class like with this waterproof case!

Check out these and more options below.

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