Sorry to leave you hanging this past week, but I just made a big move.

Okay, I’m still living in Brooklyn and it was only across the street, but I swear that packing your life up and moving takes years off of your life. Not to mention, the hardest styling jobs I ever work on are always when I’m styling for myself!

Luckily, I’m loving it and it’s been inspiring to finally style my home the way I’ve always dreamed.

After nearly 4 years, I packed up my apartment like a stylist. Forget boxes, I used my Ikea bags and jumbo bags from Manhattan Wardrobe Supply.

Mariel of the craft and lifestyle blog, So What’s Bloomin’, gave me this amazing housewarming gift with all usable items for my new home. How cute is this? You can get one customized for your friends’ new homes here on Etsy.

No, this isn’t a picture from a Korean karaoke room. These are actual light fixtures installed in every room in my new apartment. I guess I have to throw a karaoke party now, but after that, I will gladly give these away to anyone that wants to UN-install them. Any takers?

Like those crazy disco lights, a lot of my new apartment has been renovated by the previous owner with lots of, er, modern flair. It’s been a challenge to mix my style of eclectic-boho-vintage-flea-market-finds with the sleek new designs, but somehow it’s coming together.

I headed over to Brooklyn Reclamation to find some more industrial vintage pieces to add to the mix and create storage that I’m now lacking in my new apartment. This cool cabinet from the 1930’s restored from a school in Ohio works perfectly to bring the two styles together. Well, maybe not with the light fixture.

I went from too much storage in my old place to not enough in my kitchen in my new home, but this solution of keeping frequently used items in my kitchen like nuts and dried fruit in Ball jars helps me clutter my cabinets less while having easy access. Not to mention, is so Brooklyn.

I love this spice rack that was a hand-me-down from my sister so much that is was the first thing I hung up in my new home after I put my favorite spices in each jar and labeled the bottoms of all of them. It helped create extra storage space and still looks great hanging in my kitchen.

I’ve been flipping through my Domino Book of Decorating for ideas like this great DIY office nook. You’ll have to stay tuned to see more of my home decor styling.