Bedroom Makeover With Raymour & Flanigan

Bedroom Makeover With Raymour & Flanigan

BEDROOM SET (make sure to order an extra NIGHTSTAND)  |  BEDROOM CHEST (not included in set) |  BED (make sure to order a BOX SPRING with it!) |  DRESSERMIRROR  POUFSIMILAR RUG  |  TABLE LAMPS (make sure to order 2!)

(All furniture c/o)


You spend 1/3 of your life in your bedroom, so it’s important to make it a relaxing retreat. My bedroom before was a hodge podge mix of second hand furniture and cheap finds that were already falling apart. It was anything but that serene oasis that I always desired in a bedroom.

When Raymour & Flanigan reached out to partner to help me decorate my new(ish) home, I jumped at the opportunity to do a bedroom makeover with them because:

1) they only carry quality furniture. Now that I’m a homeowner, I’m only investing in quality furniture that lasts for years to come, so I’m careful about what pieces I incorporate into our home now.

2) they’re a NY based brand, so always love supporting local (and especially from my alma mater’s city of Syracuse!).

3) they are making some amazing sustainable efforts including recycling 99% of their packaging! Their furniture arrives in packaging-free so they can reuse everything! They have employees dedicated just for this effort and have diverted 200 million pounds of packaging from landfills since 2002.

The company has been around since 1947 and if you’re a New Yorker, you’ve most likely have seen their ads, but I was so pleasantly surprised to learn more amazing things about this brand:

I also had no idea that they were Raymour & Flanigan is known for their super fast shipping, which can arrive in as little as TWO DAYS! I’m amazed by how quickly some of the items arrived from the time I set foot in the showroom. Their delivery is even eco-conscious, scheduling their trucks on the most fuel-efficient routes.

The showroom was a great way to view all the furniture before committing to them. I’ve ordered furniture in the past that looked nothing like the images on the site and they were too difficult to return so I just kept them. I’ll never have that issue with ordering from here.

Another thing I loved about my experience was how great their customer service was. I’ve had a platform bed for years, so had no idea when I ordered everything that I would need a box spring to go with it. The delivery person alerted this to us and we called the store and was able to have one delivered the next day!

I have to admit that the dresser was the most important part of the whole makeover to me because I needed to make sure it had ample storage and this dresser certainly does. I was actually able to take pieces out of my closet and fit them in this one because it’s so roomy. I still have to admit, the hubby needed his own set of drawers so we got the bedroom chest to go along with the set. There are so many drawers, he’s even have trouble filling them all. The top drawers of both pieces are felt lined, which is such a luxe touch, and it’s quite a solid piece that will last for years to come.

One of the biggest frustrations of our previous bedroom set up were the cheap night stands I once purchased and had such buyers remorse of. These Raymour & Flanigan nightstands have been such a game changer. I keep telling Josh that it’s like we’re staying in a hotel room where there are more drawers for storage than you know what to do with. It feels so luxurious!

If you’re not ready for a full bedroom makeover, I would recommend starting with the accessories in your room to give it a refresh. These lamps arrived first from our order and I couldn’t believe what a difference they made in updating our room. The ceramic base mimics carved wood but the modern round shape feels SO fresh.

This little feature may be my most favorite part of these night stands. We used to have a cord problem where all of our cords (device chargers, lamp plug and extension cord) were visible all over the place. It ruined the vibe and was not conducive to a serene oasis that I desired our bedroom to be. Now the cords are neatly plugged in and tucked away in the back of the stand. Brilliant, right?

The thing that drew me most to this bedroom set and I’m sure what caught your attention is that detailed headboard. It satisfied my boho-soul, but also was clean and classic enough for the vibe of my bright and airy home, much like my own personal style. At 440 lbs, it’s quite a solid piece that looks way more expensive than it is. It’s also quite comfortable too, especially with this box spring.

As a fashion and home stylist, I’ve been embarrassed to show anyone my bedroom before this makeover, but now I actually make sure to show everyone when they come over for the first time. I had such a great experience with this and can’t wait to decorate another room with Raymour & Flanigan. I’m hoping to give my dining room a refresh soon, so stay tuned.

I’d love to hear what you think about my bedroom makeover. Please drop a comment below or send me a message on Instagram.




Light Fixture

I ordered this light fixture to complete the room, but it was a little backed up with the shipping delays happening right now. Everything else came super quickly so I didn’t mind. It made the room and this was totally worth the wait. Now I feel like I’m in a tropical, bohemian, boutique hotel every time I walk into my room!



Thank you Raymour & Flanigan for partnering with me on this post. What I choose to feature and write about are 100% my own choices and opinions. 

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