Fashionable Cat Lovers #DoItWithPurpose


If you know me or follow me on Instagram, you probably know I’m quite the cat lover. I’m a mommy to two beautiful rescue tabby cats: Holly and Walter, both adopted through my favorite source for pet adoption, North Shore Animal League.

Our older cat, Holly had been through a lot before we adopted her, including a foster home with many kitties, so she’s skittish and often camera-shy, but nonetheless probably the sweetest animal that ever existed. She wouldn’t hurt a fly. In fact, she runs away from bugs.

Walter (above), who the animal league saved from a kill shelter in Virginia, and then we adopted and nursed back to health a year ago, has made his way into our home and hearts like he’s been here for years. Oddly enough he looks like he really is Holly’s little brother and is equally as big of a mush. He’s the kind of cat that wants to be loved by everyone and will sit on your lap after knowing you for 5 minutes.

That being said, there are things about being a cat lover that are not so, well fashionable.


The obvious is that you can’t have too dark or light furniture because they shed all over it. Even worse, there are many times guests come over and I have to hand them a lint roller after they sit on our couch—luckily I’m a stylist, so those are plentiful here and I keep one handy in nearly every room in my apartment.


The least stylish thing about owning a cat is the dreaded litter box. It’s smelly, it’s ugly and all of the tools you need for it are equally as much of an eye-sore. I managed to create a great solution to concealing the scooper and box itself, but the box of kitty litter looks awful next to it when it looked like it belonged in a pet store rather than my chic home. I actually lug those heavy boxes of kitty litter back and forth to my basement to conceal it.

Then Purina sent me their new litter, Purpose, to try out and I found myself leaving the box out as if it were part of the decor.


The box itself is stylish—obviously, because the pattern on it even matched my rug. It also didn’t smell like a typical litter, but rather refreshing, so I felt like I was surprisingly more motivated to scoop poop. I can’t believe I’m saying that my daily dirty chore can actually be stylish!

My scent is definitely Mountain Escape. What’s your Purpose style? Take this quiz below to find out:

Flow Chart_Pick Your Scent


Speaking of stylish, Purina also sent this fashionable cat bed by Kivikis  to me along with the litter and now Walter is obsessed with it. I’ve never owned a cat bed, or really had any cat stuff lying out because I always find it to be tacky, but this modern design blends in with my decor.

Are you also a cat lover that wants to be stylish? Enter the giveaway below and Purina’s Purpose will send the winner their own Kivikis cat bed. The more you enter, the more chances to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Check out more on the brand at www.purposecatlitter.com, on Twitter and on YouTube.

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