#FridayFavorites / Eco-Friendly Edition!

#FridayFavorites / Eco-Friendly Edition!

July 5, 2013


I ran into the South End-based jewelry designer, Sophie Hughes, at an event when I was in Boston a few weeks ago and gushed over her cool hoop earrings that she was wearing. The clever design doesn’t require any annoying backings or hooks. It intrigued me, as a piece dangled down behind her ear lobe, as the rest hooped around. The edgy quality of the hammered metal, along with its simplicity made them the perfect hoop earring in my book. Like a girl after my own heart, all of Sophie’s designs are made with reclaimed materials, so her popular collection is eco-friendly.

A few days ago these sustainable and carefully crafted beauties in a patina finish showed up at my door and I’ve been wearing them every day since.


I fell in love with Love Nature NYC candles after being entranced by the scent when By Brooklyn burned them over the holidays. Go figure, the one I got from there was seasonal, so my apartment would no longer smell like Christmas when it burned out after a few months.

The best summer scent, according to Mindy, the buyer there, is “Tomato Leaf.” While I winced at the idea of my home smelling like an Italian restaurant, she wasn’t wrong. This local Brooklyn candle company now makes my living room smell like a fresh garden—and without the toxins or carcinogens of most candles out there, thanks to its soy-based formula.


As a stylist, I’m faced with challenges in making things look good. When it came to my own home, I’ve been stumped on how to make a cat litter box look better. It’s been tucked away in a corner of my office, so while guests didn’t notice it, it wasn’t hidden from my daily life. We’ve tried the covered box and even the fancy “igloo” box, but the ugly plastic just doesn’t fit in with all of my antiques and “industrial chic” furniture.

Finally, we came up with this idea. This chest made with renewable materials from IKEA was the perfect size and price to conceal the litter box. We cut a square out of the side that’s facing towards the wall for the cats to enter and placed the litter box inside, along with the scooper. I also placed a mat at the bottom, so any litter that spilled would not fall through the base.



It now sits in our hallway, where guests think we have a pretty storage chest, and have remarked that they had no idea anything smelly would be in there. The one drawback is that it hides it so well that we sometimes forget to do the litter daily!


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