“Andi” circa 1965

Today would have been my style inspiration, my late mother’s, birthday and I guess I’m paying homage to her today without even realizing it.

Some of you may have caught a glimpse at my new ‘do—the fringe that’s on top of my head. I remembered my mother had bangs throughout her youth into her beatnik days (prior to the hippie majorly long hair…and then the 80’s crimping…and then the 90’s perm), but when I came across this picture again, it was like looking into a mirror.

I had mixed feelings about the bangs, especially after one reaction was, “you’re lucky you’re cute.” Though, if it’s as timelessly chic as it is in this picture, then I’m going to be rocking the bangs for a while!

Would you do try the fringe?

Happy birthday to my favorite style icon.

xo Liz