Theory TOP // my own Levi’s JEANS

shot by James Ryang for Aveda x Glamour Magazine (currently in the March issue!) // styled by (my colleague and friend!) Alyssa Dineen


About four months after I had Asher, I experienced hair loss that I can only describe as the scene in 90’s film The Craft where a horrified Christine Taylor is in the shower crying because her hair was falling out uncontrollably in clumps. I thought something was wrong with me, but alas it turned out to be the cruel joke that my postpartum body was playing on me. You see, unlike the 9 months everyone tells you you’ll be glowing, something no one talks about with pregnancy is how your body’s hormones are adjusting like crazy for months after the baby. One of these side effects is hair thinning / loss.

As if it weren’t bad enough that I couldn’t fit into any of my clothes as a new mom, now my hair was flat, thin and damaged. I never felt less like myself in my life. The thick wavy blonde hair that my husband said was the first thing he noticed when he met me was limp and blah. I pretty much gave up on ever looking like myself again.

I partnered with Glamour Magazine a few months ago to try out Aveda’s Invati Advanced system and I feel so fortunate to have discovered this because it actually transformed my hair and got it back to feeling healthy, thick and shiny again.

Like you probably are, I was totally skeptical of hair products with these promises. Thanks to Glamour, I met with hair color guru David at his Aveda salon, FOURTEEN JAY, and learned so much about why this actually works.

David took a digital scan of my scalp and showed me all of the gross damage and buildup of product including, my favorite product,*eek* dry shampoo. It was all causing the pores of my scalp to be clogged and therefore, the hair follicles were not growing to be healthy and shiny. He explained, healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Also without healthy hair, you can’t have beautiful hair color. It was no wonder my hair looked so thin and dull.

He also brought up the good point: we spend so much time and money on products and facials for our face, but why don’t we treat our scalp the same when it’s the same skin?

The shampoo in the system acts like an exfoliator, removing build up and allowing you to have a healthy scalp again. When I massaged it into my scalp the first time, I could actually feel it tingle.

A mom friend of mine said she tried the shampoo only and it wasn’t doing enough for her, but I really think you need the whole system. I noticed a major difference (see the before and after below) from using all 3 products regularly.

After I finished a whole bottle of each, I actually felt like my hair was thick enough again to get bangs. I feel like that’s a testimonial in itself, but if that weren’t enough I now have people telling me they have hair envy! I didn’t think I’d ever hear that again a few months ago.

Whether your hair is thinking due to postpartum hormones like me, age, damage or other circumstances, you should give Aveda’s Invati Advanced system a try.

(This set lasted me for 3 months and I’m onto my second one!)



While I had no obligation to write this post and I truly believe in this product, I must disclose that this is a partnership with Aveda and Glamour Magazine. All products are courtesy of Aveda. All opinions, the products I chose to cover and what I choose to write are 100% my own.