There are so many things on the internet about breastfeeding, but the thing no one talks about is ending it. I’m not sure why but it seems taboo to talk about it, especially if it’s before the recommended one year of doing it.

As much grief as the whole breastfeeding and pumping thing gave me, I ended up loving the experience as well as the closeness and bond with my baby. My original goal was 6 months, but when I got there, it was going so well that I decided to keep going with it. After all, there’s so much pressure these days to keep at it for at least a year.

This week marks not only 9 months for my baby, but it also is the end of my breastfeeding experience. It was a tough and emotional decision for me, but it was essentially was a mutual decision—and one that I’m okay with now. Read more about my experience with ending breastfeeding on this piece I wrote for Well Rounded and please share with new moms in your life. It was something I found no one talked about and when they did, there was so much guilt behind it.


Also not talked about enough are cute, stylish breastfeeding clothes that you’ll actually want to wear AFTER you’re doing nursing. I didn’t find any in the beginning and resorted to stretching out my favorite tees and dreading wearing those ugly nursing tanks under my tops. I discovered Teat & Cosset from an interview that Well Rounded did of me recently, and became hooked on the brand. I put all my other breastfeeding friendly clothes in storage immediately after I weaned, but I honestly cannot get enough of the pieces you see here. I’m still wearing them!

Photography (except for last 2 images) by Stylish Hip Kids Photography


All breastfeeding-friendly / nursing tops c/o Teat & Cosset. Check them out and get TC30 for 30% off entire order until 2/14!