Vintage peasant top (c/o Andi), Stella McCartney wide leg jeans (TJMaxx for only $20!!), vintage belt, J.Lo platforms, SHIH shoulder bag, Burberry sunnies, vintage belt with Aztec design, etc... watchband bracelet, Shaya square bangle, Macy's fabric bangles / photos by Joshua Boccheciamp

Andi (my stylin' mama) circa 1970

Growing up in the recession of the 80’s, we couldn’t afford the latest fashions, but my mom made sure to dress both herself and me in them in anyway we could—making our own clothes, reworking or embellishing thrift store finds, scouring sales and discount shops, or mixing designer pieces with some more affordable ones, we made it work.

I guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

I recently found this this vintage top that we both shared when I was a kid (yes, we shared clothes). It is perfect with the wide leg Stella McCartney jeans that I recently scored from TJMaxx for $20 (yes, 20 bucks). Pair that with sensible, yet stylist platform-ish shoe, and we’re read to look like we stepped off the pages of the glossies.

xo DA

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