Thoughts + Advice On Going From 1 to 2 Kids

As you probably know by now, I’ve wanted a second child so badly and went through heart break this past year. For years I thought we were “one and done” kind of people. We waited a while before having a kid because of that.

Then something changed when I had Asher. Maybe it’s because he made me a “mom” and I realized that it’s the most important job in the world, but I wanted to give my son a sibling more than anything. It occurred to us that I can’t imagine life without my sisters and my husband, an only child, said he wished he had a sibling.

We found out that this was actually happening I went from complete joy to holy sh*t this is actually happening. What were we thinking?? We finally were in a good place with our son and everything started to click and become more fun. We even potty trained him this summer. Now we were going to go back to sleepless nights and diapers all over again!?

The moment we found out we were having a girl, we celebrated and were over the moon. It later occurred to us that we’re going to have to learn how to raise a girl and likely have to get a lot of new things.

Then I turned to you guys on Instagram. I asked about your thoughts + advice on going from 1 to 2 kids and it actually helped me realize that it’s going to be amazing (and require a lot of wine).

Some of you asked me to share the answers, so here they are. I’ll keep adding as you guys keep sending the advice my way. Love you all for this!


Thoughts + Advice On Going From 1 to 2 Kids


-Make sure to have a date night with your first — he will appreciate the 1:1 time (not sure if this means my hubby or my son, but either way, great advice!).

-It will be hard for the first 2 years, but then it’s so fun.

-It gets a little more stressful when they start giving you attitude.

-You will be fine. It’s much easier in the beginning than once they’re older and on the move. 

-Embrace the chaossssss!

All the wine!

-Be patient and trust yourself.

-It’s going to be an adjustment, but it’s soooo amazing. 

-It seems daunting at first, but you can do it!! You find your rhythm quickly.

-You got this. 2 is infinitely harder than 1 but also easier because you’ve been through this before. 

-When you see them play and become BFFs, it’s so amazing and your exhaustion will be worth it. 

-You will be an excellent mother again!!! Two is better than one!

-It’s so much easier! It’s the 2 to 3 that gets you. (Not happening for me!)

-As soon as that baby pops out, you won’t remember a life before a family of 4. 

-You can do it. 

-Whatever expectations you have—just throw them out the window. 

-Take one day at a time. 

-Some days you will wonder if you brushed your teeth that morning and at the end of the day though, your kids will still love you.

-Listen to all the Janet Lansbury about acknowledging [your first child’s] feelings about it being hard and start reading sibling rivalry now because you’ll open it up and read the first few pages and pass out once you have 2.

-Plan, organize like never before and coffee!

-The love just grows…so does the work!

-The first few months were kind of a blur, but eventually you find that groove.

-It will come naturally mama!

-Work out any potty, sleep or food issues and a routine now because you will not be able to manage for a while after number 2 comes and it will only make your life harder then. 

-As the time gets near, try to get the [first child] excited and let [them] pick something out for the baby so [they feel] ownership and care for [the baby].

-One on one combat is best. So each parent choose a kid for a given task like bed, bath, story time, etc.

-You got this.  


On Liz: HATCH x J.Crew DRESS | Zara SHOES | DENIM JACKET via Marshall’s

On Asher: H&M TEE | JEANS via The Collective Child (c/o) | Vans SNEAKERS | Zara DENIM JACKET (I  added the dinosaur patch)

On Josh: Uniqlo DENIM JACKET (c/o) | Levi’s JEANS | Vans SNEAKERS


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